7 Tips to improve your Squash game NOW!

improve your Squash

Your fitness matters: – Your game can break down on the court if you are not fit off the court. You need to train a specific muscle that is most used on the court and strengthen the glutes, quads, lower back, and hips to help you with deep lunges and the shoulder and forearm muscles so that you can repetitively hit the ball. Do not forget to do yoga for flexibility of your body and maintaining inner strength. Cross Fit can be perfect for improving that squash specific fitness since it involves high- intensity full body workouts with small breaks.

Gripping of squash racket: – Even though it sounds simple but gripping your racket involves technicalities. You are required to form a pincer movement with your thumb & forefinger after gently shaking hands with the racket grip with your playing hand. There should be a nice formation of V shape by the gap between your thumb and forefinger. Hold your racket like an egg and do not squeeze too much. When you open up your hand, the grip should be closer to your fingers than palm for more control. You can find more info about squash racket here

Deception strategy: – It is essential to learn how to deceive your opponents at the very beginning of your squash classes. This means students or players will find ways to finish off rallies successfully from the very early stage. They will try to put deception and creativity in every shot and will work on their shots.

The “T” area: – Dominating in this area is likely to improve your chances of success. You should combine the hitting and move back to the T area in such a way that they become one action. This technique can help you in saving fractions of seconds which matters a lot in squash matches.

Use height on the front wall: – In squash, both players occupy the same space as opposed to separate by a net. Sometimes this might lead to traffic problems where both players try to hit the ball as hard as possible at all times. If you are not sure where your opponent is you should use height on the front wall to lob the ball and you will get time to prepare for the next shot.

Follow professional matches:- Watch and learn all the latest squash matches from the PSA World Tour on Squash TV. You can visit live tournaments for learning the footwork, mentalities, and the techniques of the professional players. Instructional websites, such as SquashSkills can also teach you a lot.

How to end rallies: – A player should attempt to have proficiency in every shot including tricky and luxury shots. It is necessary for the students to learn deception, strategies and every hitting nick and learning all sides of the game is essential for the full development of the player.