Halo 3


Hey there, it’s been awhile hasn’t it.. Going through a rough time right now, usually happens when the weather gets worse and things around here start to get really dark and gloomy due to the sun going into hiding. Two things are helping to cheer me up at the moment. First, finally getting my hands […]


hi ho hi ho and of to work I go.

I’m a working man again! Which would explain the lack of posts on my part the past few days. Still  adjusting to the physical and mental strain of  the sort work I’m in so bear with me while I get to the point where I’m not falling asleep and aching all over when I get […]


Next Week…

Is gonna be awesome. This coming Sunday The Simpsons and Family guy new seasons starts. The Simpsons is easily my favorite Comedy show of all time, though the series has lost a lot of what made it so great back in the day. Family guy is great but they sometimes take things a little too […]