hi ho hi ho and of to work I go.


I’m a working man again!

Which would explain the lack of posts on my part the past few days.
Still  adjusting to the physical and mental strain of  the sort work I’m in so bear with me while I get to the point where I’m not falling asleep and aching all over when I get home.

I’m sure I don’t need to mention that two days ago the third and final sequel in the Halo franchise was released. In turn this lead to another world record sale figures and Xbox live traffic, go figure.

I don’t get it…Sure Halo are good games and I enjoy them plenty..but it’s not THAT good.

If I were to pick between Bioshock and Halo, my obvious choice would be Bioshock. It’s a much better game in almost all aspect especially since the single player campaign in H3 is apparently disappointing(very short).

The Halo franchise is possibly the most hyped series of games that’s ever been released. I can name plenty of other games I think are far superior and better games yet Halo always gets reviews like 9.9/10, 10/10, 12/10 “Most awesomenest game of all time!!!”
It hardly  deserves these kind of reviews,  because frankly it isn’t some  near  perfect masterpiece. That would have to be Bioshock in my opinion, which I think has all that is needed to deserve those kind of reviews as seen above.

The graphics, sound, story, length of game architecture and imagination behind Bioshock is almost perfectly put together to make a game that I’ll remember 40 years from now.

I haven’t received my copy of Halo 3 yet *thinking: FUCK!* but hopefully I will have it by this weekend or I think I’ll go crazy and kill someone…or something.

Been spending some time with a buggered game named Spider-man 3. I can say that if you suffer through the first 3-4 hours, it actually starts to get pretty fun. The camera view angles can be a real pain in the anus though. The only real reason I’m going through it, is because I don’t have anything else to play and I bought the game so it’s best to try to return the value from the game by playing it, because I hardly think anyone would buy it from me, plus I need gamerscore.

Well of to bed I go before I hi ho to wrok I d’oh!