Halo 3

Hey there, it’s been awhile hasn’t it..

Going through a rough time right now, usually happens when the weather gets worse and things around here start to get really dark and gloomy due to the sun going into hiding.

Two things are helping to cheer me up at the moment. First, finally getting my hands on Halo 3 after waiting a week. As I expected it’s fun, it’s not the messiah of gaming or the cure for cancer(wish it was…) but it’s still nice game. I haven’t had a chance to play four player co-op yet, but me and Chris took a game earlier today and although it was very lagged it was still a lot of fun.

The other thing is Team Fortress 2.  I got into the beta ages ago when they first started offering getting into it by preordering the Orange box on Steam. I fired it up and shortly after getting it, I entered the first game and it crashed on me. After that I put it off and it was just this Friday that I gave it a shot again and boy am I hitting myself for not playing it more back when I had the chance.

Words can’t describe how much fun this game is, I haven’t felt this way since back when I played Unreal Tournament for the first time(my all time favorite multiplayer FPS). I have been cycling the classes and as they should, all classes have their pros and cons. The balance seems to pretty good, although I’m expecting they will do some tweaking and nerfing at some point after the game is released. At the moment I’m favoring the Medic. I like being the healer, whether it’s in mmos or FPS, it’s a vital role in all FPS/mmo games so mastering it will come in handy if you want to gain reputation.

Since I’m writing about beta testing but I’m also in the Crysis mp beta. It’s another game I haven’t been giving nearly enough attention, mainly because it runs so poorly on my system. To have a chance of running it with decent framerate I have to run it in low settings, ugh is my PC really that outdated… Clearly this game is meant for the future PCs, not even a 8800GTX SLI setup can run the highest setting without fps dropage.

I’m also in the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet because it’s a stress test so getting into the server is impossible. Last time I tried I had to wait for a few hours to get in..

I think I’ll just wait for the game to come out instead.. I hope it’s good because Pirate mmo is needed, arrrr. I can make my very own Captain Zack Jarrow!

So, we should do this again sometime….No, don’t call me, I’ll call you!